Hamburg Losing Ground On Rivals?

by | May 22, 2018

According to recent reports, the port of Hamburg is starting to fall behind neighbouring European container terminals, due to its inability to maximise capacity.

Figures from the first quarter of this year show that the German port has made virtually no headway on last years figures, while Antwerp and Rotterdam have reported 10.7% and 6.1% growth respectively.

The introduction of larger mega ships over the last couple of years is believed to be a major factor, as the navigation channels approaching Hamburg, and the tidal nature of the River Elbe, are struggling to cope.

In the section before Hamburg, vessels with a combined breadth of more than 90 metres cannot pass, as the channel has a width of less than 300 metres. Depth limits are also a commercial handicap for carriers, which with the advent of the new container ships, has led Hamburg to be considered a general nautical challenge.

The good news for the port is a major widening and deepening project is expected to start this year.

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