Gradual Easing Of Lockdown Measures Announced For Shanghai’s Logistics Industry

by | May 17, 2022

Shanghai’s government have released new policies for the gradual easing of lockdown for its logistics industry (16th May, 2022).

Key policies offer industry guidance for supply chain and transport, including the set-up of strict ‘isolation areas’, for areas that need to be in frequent contact with the outside world, such as loading and stacking bays.

The regional environment and logistics operation equipment should be disinfected at least twice a day.

The cleaning and disinfecting of vehicles should be standardised and all logistics personnel entering and leaving enterprises must hold a 48-hour nucleic acid test certificate, and carry out antigen tests on site.

To manage expectations and give some idea on the current challenges the industry may face, the following ‘real time’ updates have also been released on the current transportation conditions.

Warehouses:  The warehouses will gradually resume operations starting from May 16th, some warehouses will resume operation with limited staff, for 24 hours a day, but any appointments will need to be finished before 6pm each day.

Depots:  Depots are running normally, but with the export volume dropping, the depots are currently running at full capacity.

Urban Cross-River Transportation Condition:  At present, 29 transportation facilities for Huangpu River Cross have officially begun to resume work and production.

Urban River Transportation Condition:  Ships on the Huangpu River have gradually recovered, with an average daily flow of more than 590 ships, up 31% from the previous month.

Airport and Air Transportation Condition:  The latest statistics show that Shanghai Pudong Airport is currently supporting more than 100 cargo flights per day.

In the last week, Shanghai Pudong Airport handled 3,972 tons of cargo and 3,339 trucks per day, which is up from 37% to 39%, respectively, compared with the beginning of April.

At present, whilst strictly implementing epidemic prevention and control measures, the two major airports in Shanghai have maintained normal flight, take off, landing and ground support, with a stable cargo operation and support capacity.

Port Condition:  In March and April of 2022, the average daily container count through Yangshan Port was 66,000 TEUs and 59,000 TEUs, respectively up to 90% from 85% of the average of the first quarter.

During the epidemic period, the overall operation of the port was relatively stable.

With the gradual increase of enterprises resuming work and production from late April, it is expected to recover further in May.

Please contact your Customer Development Manager for updates or to discuss any concerns.

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