Felixstowe Delays – Maersk Move Services

by | Jul 16, 2018

Operating system delays, that have haunted Felixstowe Port over recent weeks, appear to be set to continue, as MAERSK Line have announced they are moving two 2M alliance loops to the Port of Liverpool for a three month period.

The first two vessels diverted to Liverpool are due to arrive on the 20th and 22nd July – MV Archimidis from the TA2 service and MV Cap Beatrice from the COEX service.

Meanwhile, Felixstowe continues to struggle with its productivity, which is heavily impacting operations. More Shipping Lines are having to divert vessels to other ports in the UK, and in some cases trans-ship UK containers through European ports.

For example, a scheduled call by the MSC Zoe will now skip the port and have its UK cargo discharged in Zeebrugge for onward connection via feeder vessels.

UniOcean Lines are operating numerous vessel loops to and from the UK on our Northern Europe schedules from Asia, North and South America, Australasia, the Middle East and Africa.

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