Daily Ocean News Bulletin – 3rd March 2023

by | Mar 3, 2023

Your daily update for Felixstowe, Southampton and London Gateway Ports, with the latest news on road and weather conditions, port turnaround times and vessel arrivals.

Felixstowe Port

Road – Traffic easing on A12 Northbound before J33 A1214 / A14 (Copdock Interchange). Heavy traffic on A1 Great North Road Southbound at A421 Bedford Road (Black Cat Roundabout). Reports of traffic problem on A14 between J8 A43 (Kettering / Broughton) and J9 A509 (Kettering). Slow traffic on A120 at Galley’s Corner. One lane closed and slow traffic due to broken down lorry on A12 after J20A B1137 (Hatfield Peverel South). Queueing traffic on A1114 Great Baddow Bypass inbound at the Army and Navy roundabout.

Port – No issues to report. Further operational information can be found here.

Vessel – MSC Sveva (Working), MSC Gaia (Working), Ever Art (Working), Helmut (Inbound), MSC Nerissa (Inbound), Rena P (Inbound), W Klaipeda (Inbound), Hubert Schulte (Inbound), JSP Mistral (Inbound), Evelyn Maersk (Inbound).

Weather – No issues to report.

Southampton Port

Road – Usual slow traffic on Burgess Road around A33 The Avenue. One lane closed and slow traffic due to accident on A31 Eastbound at Lyndhurst turn in. Delays on A32 Fareham Road between Gosport and Fareham. Eastern Road Northbound busy but moving at A27 Roundabout. Usual slow traffic on A27 Chichester Bypass Eastbound from Fishbourne Roundabout to Portfield Roundabout. Very slow traffic on A27 Chichester Road around and past Arundel.  

Port – No issues to report. Further operational information can be found here.

Vessel – Tihama (Working), Independent Quest (Complete), Tampa Triumph (Inbound), Sheffield (Inbound), CMA CGM Pegasus (Inbound), CMA CGM Tarragona (Inbound), Maersk Bahamas (Inbound), Umm Qarn (Inbound), Pantonio (Inbound), Atlantis A (Inbound), Eli A (Inbound), NYK Constellation (Inbound).

Weather – No issues to report.

London Gateway Port

Road – A125 Rainham Road both ways blocked, queueing traffic due to an Emergency Services incident between A1306 New Road (Dover’s Corner) and the Albion pub. Congestion to all sides now, particularly westbound from Wennington. Queueing traffic for four miles due to earlier accident on A2 London bound between A227 Wrotham Road (Gravesend / Tollgate Services, Gravesend) and A2260 Southfleet Road (Northfleet / Ebbsfleet Turn Off, Ebbsfleet Valley), congestion to Cobham Services, travel time is around 25 minutes, all lanes have been re-opened. Accident cleared and debris removed from road on A2 coastbound at B262 Hall Road (Northfleet / Ebbsfleet Turn Off), no recent updates. Slow traffic on M25 clockwise between Clacket Lane Services and J6 A22 (Godstone). A217 Reigate Hill Southbound busy but moving from M25 J8 to the one-way system. M25 anticlockwise lane blocked on exit slip road, queueing traffic due to broken down car at J10 A3 (Wisley Interchange). Congestion to J12 M3. Heavy traffic on M25 anticlockwise before J12 M3. Slow traffic on A405 North Orbital Road between M1 J6 and B4630 Watford Road (Shell Roundabout), queueing traffic on A41 Southbound at M25 J20. Usual slow traffic on A10 Great Cambridge Road Southbound before M25 J25.

Port – No issues to report. Further operational information can be found here

Vessel – Cosco Shipping Volga (Working), Njord (Void), Alexander B (Complete), Caucedo Express (Working), MSC Anzu (Working), MSC Cancun (Inbound), Colorado Express (Inbound), Wes Gesa (Inbound), Kalahari Express (Inbound), Brooklyn Bridge (Void), MSC Alicante (Inbound), Osaka Express (Inbound), Hungary (Inbound), MSC Carmen (Inbound), MSC Geneva (Inbound), Elbstar (Inbound), Vuoksi Maersk (Void), Maersk Senang (Inbound), Dimitra C (Inbound). Kalahari Express (Inbound), MSC Cancun (Inbound).

Weather – No issues to report.

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