Daily Ocean News Bulletin – 31st March 2023

by | Mar 31, 2023

Your daily update for Felixstowe, Southampton and London Gateway Ports, with the latest news on road and weather conditions, port turnaround times and vessel arrivals.

Felixstowe Port

Road – The A14 westbound between junctions J47 Elmswell and J45, Accident. The A14 westbound between junctions J43 Burt St Edmunds central and and J46, Accident.

Port – No current issues.. Further operational information can be found here.

Vessel – Cosco Shipping Pieces (Working), MSC Daisy (Inbound), BG Ireland (Inbound), MSC Daisy (Inbound), Zim Atlandtic (Inbound), Njord (Inbound), Zeugman (Inbound), JSP Minstral (Inbound), Ever Grade (Inbound), Emma Maersk (Inbound), MSC London (Inbound), Celsius London (Inbound), MSC Elaine (Inbound), MSC Mirja (Inbound).

Weather – No current issues.

Southampton Port

Road – The M27 eastbound between junctions J1 and J2, Congestion. The M27 eastbound at junction J2, Accident.

Port – No current issues. Further operational information can be found here.

Vessel –Al Nefud (Working), BG Emerald (Working), Maersk Newbury (Arrived), Cosco Faith (Inbound), APL Barcelona (Inbound), Maersk Acadia (Inbound), Pantonio (Inbound), CMA CGM Barracuda (Inbound), MSC Elaine (Inbound), Elia A (Inbound), Atlantis A (Inbound), Tolten (Inbound), MOL Experience (Inbound), HMM Garam (Inbound), CMA CGM Bourgainville (Inbound), Eddystone (Inbound).

Weather – No current issues.

London Gateway Port

Road – Current no Accidents or Congestion to report

Port – No issues to report. Further operational information can be found here.  

Vessel – Montevideo Express (Working), MSC Alina (Working), Santa Cruz (Working), Eugen Maersk (Inbound), NYK Vesta (Inbound), Le Havre Express (Inbound), Hudson Express (Inbound), YM Wisdom (Inbound), MSC Oriane (Inbound), MSC Lisbon (Inbound), APL Detroit (Inbound), USAC Zamzam (Inbound), Judith (Inbound), MSC Loretta (Inbound), Puerton Limon Express (Inbound), Maersk Kleven (Inbound), MSC Carmen (Inbound), Njord (Inbound), Maersk Campton (Inbound), MSC Vancouver (Inbound), CMA CGM Marseille (Inbound), CMA CGM America (Inbound).

Weather – No issues to report.

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