Daily Ocean News Bulletin – 22nd May 2023

by | May 22, 2023

Your daily update for Felixstowe, Southampton and London Gateway Ports, with the latest news on road and weather conditions, port turnaround times and vessel arrivals.

Felixstowe Port

Road – Heavy traffic on A14 both ways at J47 A1088 (Woolpit), in the roadworks area. Usual slow traffic on A1 Great North Road Southbound at A421 Bedford Road (Black Cat Roundabout). Slow traffic on A12 Southbound around J26 A1124 Essex Yeomanry Way (Eight Ash Green / Tollgate interchange), in the roadworks area. Slow traffic on A120 at Galley’s Corner. Queueing traffic on A130 Northbound at A12 Chelmsford Bypass. Heavy traffic on A12 Southbound around J15 A414 (Three Mile Hill), in the roadworks area. Heavy traffic on A127 Southend Arterial Road Westbound before A1245 (Fairglen Interchange).

Port – No issues to report. Further operational information can be found here.

Vessel – MSC Mina (Working), Key West (Working), Njord (Working), Eleonora Maersk (Working), MSC Agamemnon (Working), MSC Rochelle (Inbound), Vilnia Maersk (Inbound), MSC Ivana (Inbound), MSC England (Inbound), MSC Rifaya (Inbound), MSC Raya (Inbound).

Weather – No issues to report.

Southampton Port

Road – Queueing traffic on Burgess Road around A33 The Avenue. Queueing traffic on A35 Redbridge Causeway Eastbound at A36 Commercial Road, in the roadworks area. Delays on A32 Fareham Road between Gosport and Fareham. A3 Northbound closed, queueing traffic due to shed load of stones from Chalton Lane (Chalton Turn Off, Clanfield) to B2070 (Buriton). Congestion to A3M J2 (Hazelton Interchange).

Port – No issues to report. Further operational information can be found here.

Vessel – Atlantis A (Complete), MSC Lisbon (Inbound), Elbsky (Inbound), BG Emerald (Inbound), CMA CGM Georg Forster Inbound), NYK Constellation (Inbound), Quebec Express (Inbound), Helmut (Inbound).

Weather – No issues to report.

London Gateway Port

Road – Delays on M25 anticlockwise at the Dartford Tunnels. Queueing traffic on M25 clockwise around J6 A22 (Godstone). Congestion to J5 (M26 Interchange). Queueing traffic on M25 anticlockwise before J12 M3. Very slow traffic due to a broken down vehicle on the shoulder on M25 anticlockwise near J19 (Watford). Congestion to J21 (M1 Interchange). Queueing traffic on A41 Southbound at M25 J20. Delays on A405 North Orbital Road between M1 J6 and B4630 Watford Road (Shell Roundabout) Reports of queueing traffic due to obstruction on the road on A1(M) Southbound around J2 A1001 Roehyde Way (Welham Green). Heavy traffic on A111 Southbound between M25 J24 / A1005 (Potters Bar) and Chalk Lane (Cockfosters Station). Queueing traffic on A10 Great Cambridge Road Southbound before M25 J25.

Port – No issues to report. Further operational information can be found here.  

Vessel – MSC Madeleine (Working), MSC Cadiz (Working), Santa Viola (Inbound), Maersk Kimi (Inbound), Le Harve (Inbound), Marchen Maersk (Inbound), MSC Elodie (Inbound), CMA CGM Marseille (Inbound), CMA CGM Fort Royal (Inbound), Al Manamah (Inbound), Maersk Brownsville (Inbound), Cap San Maleas (Inbound), Svendborg (Inbound).

Weather – No issues to report.

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