Daily Ocean News Bulletin – 20th October

by | Oct 20, 2021

Your daily update for Felixstowe, Southampton and London Gateway Ports, with the latest news on road and weather conditions, port turnaround times and vessel arrivals.

Felixstowe Port

Road – No issues to report at present.

Port – Currently experiencing turnaround times of 45 minutes to 1 hour, however, at present this is not having any major impact.

Vessel – GSL Kalliopi (Working), Manila Maersk (Working), Maersk Edmonton (Working), Vaga Maersk (Working), MSC Lausanne (Working), OOCL United Kingdom (Working), Songa Puma (Inbound), Alinda (Inbound), Spica J (Inbound), Catherine C (Inbound).

Weather – Thunderstorm expected between 13:00 and 14:00.

Southampton Port

Road – Various roadworks taking place on the M27 around Southampton, as follows:- M27 J3 leading to M271, M27 between J4 and J5, furthermore, heavy traffic also noted between J7 and J9 of M27.

Port – Poor turnarounds experienced yesterday afternoon with some drivers being stuck on quay between 2 and 2.5hrs, however, this morning turnaround has  improved considerably and we are experiencing no delays. Operational information can be found here.

Vessel – OOCL Montreal (Inbound), Bjorg (Inbound), Angela (Cancelled), Spica J (Inbound), MOL Emissary (Inbound), Malik Al Ashtar (Inbound), Independent Horizon (Inbound).

Weather – Yellow warning of rain and thunderstorms in place, according to Met Office this is due to start around 20:00 tonight and last up to 03:00 tomorrow morning.

London Gateway Port

Road  A1 road closure at Biggleswade until 23rd Oct. Heavy traffic on the M1 between J12 and J13.

Port – Slower than usual turnaround at London Gateway and Tilbury Port due to high winds, however, at present it is not causing an issue. Unfortunately at this time the same cannot be said for 32 Berth and Tilbury 2, where drivers have experienced delays of up to 2.5hrs, with the quickest turnaround having been 1hr 15minutes, this is of course causing major impact on what is achievable out of London area. Further operational information can be found here.

Vessel – MSC Sofia Celeste (Working), Athens Glory (Inbound), Budapest Express (inbound), APL Detroit (Inbound), COSCO Shipping Volga (Inbound), Monte Verde (Inbound), Maira XL (Inbound).

Weather – Yellow warning of rain in place. According to the Met Office this is due to start around 21:00 tonight and last up to 04:00 tomorrow morning.

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