Daily Ocean News Bulletin – 15th February

by | Feb 15, 2022

Your daily update for Felixstowe, Southampton and London Gateway Ports, with the latest news on road and weather conditions, port turnaround times and vessel arrivals.

Felixstowe Port

Road – A14 eastbound between junctions J54 Ipswich West and J58 Bucklesham, A14 eastbound between J54 and J55, A14 eastbound within J58, Roadworks. A14 eastbound between junctions J51 Needham Market and J52 Claydon, Barrier repairs. A14 westbound between junctions J44 Bury St Edmunds East and J38 Newmarket East, A14 westbound between J44 and J43, A14 westbound between J39 and J38, Roadworks. A12 southbound between the A1124 and the junction with the A130 Chelmsford North, A12 southbound between A1124 and A120 near Colchester (west), A12 southbound between A120 near Colchester (west) and B1024 near Kelvedon (north), Roadworks. A12 northbound between the A120 Colchester West and the junction with the A1124, A12 northbound access from A120 near Colchester (west), A12 northbound exit for A1124, Roadworks.

Port – No Issues to report.

Vessel – CSCL Atlantic Ocean (Working), ZIM Europe (Working), MSC Emanuela (Working), Vilnia Maersk (Working), MSC Topaz (Working), Marcos V (Inbound), MSC Melissa (Inbound), MSC Melatilde (Inbound), Ever Grade (Inbound), MSC Marianna (Inbound), BG Onyx (Inbound).

Weather – Currently no weather issues to report.

Southampton Port

Road – M27 eastbound between junctions J5 and J8, M27 eastbound between J5 and J7, M27 eastbound within J8, Roadworks. M27 westbound between junctions J5 and J4, M27 westbound within J5, M27 westbound within J4, Roadworks. M27 eastbound between junctions J4 and J11, M27 eastbound within J4, M27 eastbound within J11, Roadworks. M3 eastbound exit slip at junction J12, M3 J12 eastbound exit, Roadworks.

Port – No Issues to report. Further operational information can be found here.

Vessel – MOL Truth (Working), CMA CGM Aliaga (Working), APL Singapura (Working), Pluto (Working), NYK Deneb (Inbound), Elisabeth (Inbound), GSL Chateau D’IF (Inbound), AL Safat (Inbound), JSP Slidur (Inbound), MSC Loretta (Inbound), Maersk Buton (Inbound), Burgundy (Inbound), Eli A (Inbound).

Weather – Currently no weather issues to report.

London Gateway Port

Road – A3 southbound exit slip to the M25, Congestion. M4 eastbound between junctions J4 and J3, Broken down vehicle. M4 eastbound entry slip at junction J4B from the M25 clockwise, Congestion. M25 anticlockwise between junctions J25 and J24, Congestion. M23 southbound between junctions J8 and J9, Broken down vehicle. M25 clockwise at junction J15, Emergency roadworks. M4 eastbound between junctions J7 and J5, Roadworks. M40 northbound between junctions J1A and J2, Roadworks.

Port – Tilbury Port operations seem to be running well this morning. Further operational information can be found here.

Vessel – ONE Ibis (Working), MSC Ellen (Working), Santa Marta Express (Arrived), Evelyn Maersk (Inbound), MSC Yokohama (Inbound), MSC Ingrid (Cancelled), MSC Hamburg (Inbound), CAP SAN Lorenzo (Inbound), Frederik (Inbound), Nordpacific (Inbound), MSC Oriane (Inbound), GSL Kalliopi (Inbound), Potomac Express (Inbound), Spirit (Inbound).

Weather – Currently no weather issues to report.

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