Daily Ocean News Bulletin – 10th December

by | Dec 10, 2021

Your daily update for Felixstowe, Southampton and London Gateway Ports, with the latest news on road and weather conditions, port turnaround times and vessel arrivals.

Felixstowe Port

Road – No road issues to report at present.

Port – No issues to report for yesterday during the day and overnight, however, this morning the Port have released a weather warning advising that they expect weather conditions to affect operations Tonight and leading in to Tomorrow morning.     

Vessel – MSC Paloma (Working), MSC Topaz (Working), Leo C (Working), OOCL Japan (Working), Lucie Schulte (Working), BG Ruby (Working), MSC Marianna (Inbound), Gardiner (Inbound), MSC Mirja (Inbound), OOCL Kobe (Inbound), Ever Globe (Inbound), MSC Melissa (Inbound), MSC Erica (Inbound), MSC Tuxpan (Inbound), Venta Maersk (Inbound), Delphis Finland (Inbound).

Weather – No weather problems to report at present, however, as mentioned above wind is expected to pick up tonight.

Southampton Port

Road – No issues to report at present.

Port – No issues to report at present for today. Further operational information can be found here.

Vessel – HMM Daon (Working), Barzan (Working), Independent Quest (Working), JSP Slidur (Inbound), Maersk Batam (Inbound), MSC Carole (Cancelled), CMA CGM Vasco da Gama (Inbound), Quebec Express (Inbound), JSP Anna (Inbound), Bjorg (Inbound), Burgundy (Inbound), Angela (Inbound), Koi (Inbound), OOCL Montreal (Inbound), MOL Tradition (Inbound).

Weather – Currently no issues to report.  

London Gateway Port

Road  A13 Stanford le Hope bypass heavy traffic due to accident.

Port – Tilbury 2 no issues to report at present but seems to become very slow operationally early afternoon. 40 Berth operating very well. 39 Berth no issues to report. 32 Berth operating well with a turnaround of 1 hour. 26 Berth Is operating well for empty containers being restituted. Pentalver LGW no problems to report. Solent Stevedores London Gateway no problems to report. Bullman Marine long delays experienced when trying to lift off empties. Fieldings Containers no issues to report. LGW Is operating well this morning. Further operational information can be found here.

Vessel – W Kyrenia (Working), MSC Michela (Working), Xin Tian Jin (Inbound), Cap San Maleas (inbound), MSC Athens (Inbound), CMA CGM Marseille (Inbound), Pluto (Inbound), MSC Brittany (Cancelled), MSC Lorena (Inbound), MSC Texas (Cancelled), MSC Vancouver (Inbound), MSC Ingrid (Inbound), Monte Cervantes (Inbound), Cape Kortia (Inbound), Osaka Express (Cancelled), GSL Kalliopi (Inbound), Cape Corfu (Inbound), Northern Javelin (Inbound), Helena Schepers (Inbound), MSC Ellen (Inbound), MSC Leanne (Inbound), Maersk Luz (Inbound).

Weather – At present no weather issues to report, however, as expected in Felixstowe, it is likely that operations will slow down towards this evening due to wind.

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