Asia Rates Set to Rise?

by | Aug 6, 2018

Increases in container shipping rates, in the Transpacific and Asia-European trades, are expected to kick in during the next week or two, as peak season gets under way.

The Transpacific trade is expected to see increases of between 8-12% after a number of carriers adjusted their schedules to reduce their capacity recently.

However, concerns over the ongoing trade exchanges between Trump and China are still looming large on the horizon, which could reduce demand versus capacity once more.

On the Asia-Europe trade, where ‘spot-rates’ have largely stabilised over the last month, the increases are not expected to be as significant immediately, although this could change later if the carriers start to experience a busy peak season.

UniOcean Lines are closely monitoring the market position, as we continue to operate the most comprehensive sailing schedules from Asia – including our Trans Pacific, Northern Europe, Australasia and Inter Asian services.

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